Friday, June 3, 2011

Friday Finds

This week's find will be hard to beat.  Joel and I have been house shopping this past month and finally after all the steps it takes to get this far we have a sold sign! June 24th is our possession date and the moving and painting will begin.  I'll be sure to take lots of pictures along the way as we turn this house into our little home!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

One Year Later...

A year and a half ago Joel and I bought each other an amazing Christmas gift, U2 TICKETS!! Our lovely, "Christmas in June", was supposed to happen last June but was postponed due to Bono needing emergency surgery.

So now one year later, Joel and I are in Edmonton for a Christmas date! I am so excited for this quick trip. Joel and I haven't gotten out of Medicine Hat together since our anniversary and we get to see lots of amazing friends while we are here. And obviously an AMAZING concert! I'm pretty sure I won't have a voice at the end of the night, I'll be screaming every word of every song all night long. This may result in Joel losing his hearing. Poor guy.

Monday, May 30, 2011

Picking the Grass?

I thought I would give a little update on the progress of my little garden.

The good news is that things are growing! My little bean plants are definitely growing the fastest, but everything has sprouted in the last few days.

However, everything has not gone as smoothly as planned. Side story: the people who lived in my mom's house before had a hot tub. And the piece of backyard that was left underneath seemed perfect for a garden. My mom realized that the previous owners had seeded the area so she tilled up the soil hoping to get rid of potential lawn.

Sadly, this was not the case and some nice patchy grass has sprouted up with the garden. I spent the afternoon pulling the grass between my growing garden, I don't think I made much of an improvement but hopefully the garden will grow faster than the grass!

Friday, May 27, 2011

Friday Finds

A couple weekends ago my sister and brother in-law (Jenny and Derrick) came to visit. This is always special as we don't get to see them as often as we would like. I actually met Jenny before I met my husband and the first year I dated Joel they shared a two-story townhouse, so we got to visit all the time.

Now they live in Calgary and the visits are fewer and farther between, but we still always have a blast when they come for a visit.

Saturday we went garage sale/second hand shopping. The garage sales were disappointing for the most part, but I found these beautiful milk glass lamps. I love milk glass and have been searching for some new bed side lamps for my dream bedroom I will one day have (it may be happening sooner than later, but I will blog about that at another date).

A week ago I was in Calgary and went to Anthropologie. Anthro is such a magical place, with a price tag beyond my imagination. However they had a sale!! And I got lampshades that match beautifully for 60% off! A small step towards the beautiful bedroom I have in my mind. And a happy little story about finding treasures with people and a store I love.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

New Projects

I have recently started up a couple new projects as I realized I had nothing big and time consuming on the go which is very odd for me.  I felt like I needed to get something started ASAP or the world might close in around me.

The first is a quilt. I learned to quilt this past fall and haven't made another one since so I'm hoping I can remember all the steps. I absolutely loved quilting when I learned and was sad that I didn't get to starting another one right away. 

So far I have cut out all my fabric and am piecing it all together. I think it's going to look so pretty in the end!  I'm going to try really hard to remember to take pictures to keep you updated with my progress.

Second, I am knitting a shawl. This is a little weird for me, I have never owned a shawl before and they remind me of great grandmas knitting in a rocking chair (wait! This sounds like me!!) However, I have been looking for a project for the beautiful yarn I bought from New York at the Purl Bee and I just happened to come across this beautiful shawl pattern from, where else but the Purl Bee! what a coincidence. I don't know if I'll actually use the shawl when it's finished or gift it to someone but I'm excited to see how it turns out.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Birthday Boy

Saturday was my brother's 20th birthday! My little brothers are now 18 and 20, it is so weird to me that they are growing up and becoming adults. Although there are some great things about it I love and am looking forward to.  For example, we can legally have a drink together, the day is likely coming closer that I will be an auntie, (not too close I hope:) watching them start careers, move out on their own, they have also become big and strong and very handy when things need to be moved and mostly it is fun that we can hang out and be as much friends as we are siblings.

For Brandon's birthday we kept it pretty low key. Wings, Oreos, mini cupcakes, beer and a Narnia movie.

I've been working on Brandon's birthday gift since before Christmas. A big, warm knitted blanket. It's has stripes in 7 different colors(manly colors of course) shades of blue, grey, brown, and purple (purple is manly right?).

Happy 20th birthday Brandon! Xoxo

Friday, May 13, 2011

Friday Finds

What a week it has been, I am so happy it's Friday and the sun is shining. It's going to be a wonderful and busy weekend.

My find this week is probably my most used vintage item, my lovely yellow, floral couch. My mom bought me this couch when I moved into my first place without roommates and it was basically all the furniture I had.  I have a chair to match as well and when I found these I fell in love.

As a side note, after I bought the couch and chair (for $75) I found the same set on line for $1500!!

This couch is what I snuggle or flop on every night, it's MY couch. It's so comforting and beautiful all at the same time. It's worn and some of the springs have popped out but I don't think I will ever be able to part with it. It even made an appearance in my wedding photos.